Our Services

Consulting, Staffing, Training

Consulting services can take on a variety of characteristics.  At Trident we focus on the idea of helping our clients realize profitability that had previously eluded them.  This is achieved in a number of different ways.  We can take a comprehensive look at the business and determine what areas of overhead, organization, supplier spend, and employee spend are deteriorating profitability.  Or we can take a supply chain approach to generating profitability and determine a solution focused on third party spend that fits the client's needs.

Staffing is a critical component to an organization's ability to succeed.  We can conduct a staff analysis to see if you have the right people in the right places, we can recommend organization changes to help you succeed, and we can even provide leadership search and staff augmentation services.

Once you have the right people in place it is critical to train them, ensure they are a cohesive team, and ensure they are effectively led.  We provide training workshops and seminars to help your staff understand all aspects of supply chain and even offer advanced focused training for negotiations, strategic sourcing, category management, building effective teams, business process development, and analytics.  We also offer leadership retreats that focus on leadership effectiveness, and team building retreats.