Creating Value: The Complete Guide to Procurement Transformation

The latest book by our President Logan Gatewood.  This book takes you through the acquisition spectrum, which is the natural maturation process for a procurement organization.  It provides the tools and techniques you will need in order to drive a successful procurement transformation.

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The Strategy Cycle - How to be Effective at Developing and Implementing Strategy

If you struggle with developing or implementing effective strategies, this article can help you understand the best practices for creating and implementing better strategies in your business.

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Words Matter - Profit Versus Profitability

This article will help you understand better the distinction between profits, and profitability, as well as how to direct strategies that will maximize profitability.

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Words Matter - Strategic Sourcing vs. Category Management

For a long time these words have been part of the corporate consciousness, let's take a deeper look at what they mean, and what the implications of them are.

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Words Matter - Purchasing Versus Procurement

In order to start the conversation about procurement transformation, we must first understand what the difference between procurement and purchasing is.

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